Sunday, May 20, 2012

I'm leaving on a jet plane....

In 5 days!!!  I am down to 287.2, which is 22.8lbs down  from the first of May and 16.8 lbs from when I set my surgery date and started the mushy diet.  Omar texted me yesterday to check on my pre-op diet which was nice.   I have found my favorite protein shake so far Oh Yeah Cookies n Cream.  It was nice and thin with 32 whopping grams of protein.  Muscle Milk chocolate is ok but it is so thick.  Health Valley apple blueberry fruit yogurt smoothies are yummy too.   

Honestly, I'm not nervous about the surgery.  I know the routine and I'm mentally prepared for that.   I'm nervous about having loose skin afterwards.  I have pretty tight clear skin now (except my belly) so I want it to stay that way.  I bought Jergens skin firming lotion and Palmers stretch mark lotion with collagen yesterday .  I walked about 4 miles this week in 3 days and I'm ready to start exercising without getting swollen ankles.  I also bought Tarjay brand calcium chews.  They taste like a tootsie roll.  I'm going to start packing my today.  I'd had a dream I got all the way to San Diego and forgot my birth certificate and cashier check.  Scary.

My favorite hobby is yard saling and yesterday I did awesome.  When I come up to a yard sale with someone my size I get all giddy because there is a chance I will find me some new clothes.  I bought me a few things in 18/20.  For .50 each, it's a small investment for my future body.  I have an entire closet full of 22 jeans and capris that I could never part with which will come in handy hopefully in the next couple months.  I wish I knew what size I'd be in by the end of the summer.  

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