Monday, June 25, 2012

Happy One Month Surgerversary to Me!

Well, today is my one month surgerversary.  I've lost 40.8 lbs total and 15.8 lbs since surgery.  I'm still yo-yo stalling for over a week now.  I lost .8 Saturday, gained .4 yesterday.  I'm been in a blah blah mood because I've been eating right, but I know it's the dreaded stall, and I can now fit back in a size 22 bottoms.  I have the sleeve of steel and can handle eating up to 4 oz of anything but those yucky protein drinks.  I made zucchini lasagna last night with tons of protein goodness.  I also went swimming for the first time since surgery Saturday for four hours.  The water felt awesome!  My stomach was like a little buoy floating in the water. 

So, where have I lost it?  My face, my lower arms, my lower butt, and my stomach.  Check out my pics to see a 2 month difference.
                                            Face shot~April 2012~ highest weight 310lbs
                                                    May 25, 2012~ 285lbs~ surgery date
                                              June 25, 2012~ 269.2 ~ 1 month post-op (same shirt)

Saturday, June 16, 2012

22 Days out, cheater cheater, cucumber eater, and the dreaded stall?

I've lost 43.2 lbs including pre-op.  I am 22 days out and starting to feel a normal level of energy.  I fall asleep about as soon as my head hits the pillow at night.  If I could have a recliner to work at all day it would be so much easier.  I have a little method at night.  I lay on my right side on a memory pillow and wedge one behind my back.  Feels perfect.  Three of five incisions are healed, red, and shiny.  The one under my boobs and below that one has one dissolvable stitch sticking out, so I'm putting band-aids on them and hoping they heal by next week so I can swim. 

I have tried to start getting proteins in and have successfully ate scrambled egg white, scrambled egg, boiled egg, cheese string, 2 oz Wendy's chili, taco bell refried beans, 1/2 oz protein bar, and a seeded peeled cucumber.  Yeah, I know cucumber has no protein but I was craving it and it was so good.  My favorite canned soup is currently Campbell's Harvest Orange Tomato Soup.  Three days and I couldn't finish a can.  It look me 3 meals to eat a small Wendy's chili.  I added a pack of reduced fat sour cream because of the 30 minutes of no drinking rule.  It takes away some of the spice.  I can eat 2-3 oz per meal but can take big sips of water.  I haven't made it to 64 oz yet though.  It has to be ice cold to get down.  The only thing I can't stomach is protein drinks.  I feel sick every time I drink one  and 8 oz takes me 4 hours. 

My willpower is much better than before surgery.  At work last week they brought in 3 pizzas one day and 4 dozen Krispy Kreme doughnuts the next.  KK chocolate iced creme killed doughnuts are my kryptonite, I usually have 3.  I banned them from coming in the office and didn't even sneak and lick the tops of any.  Score!  Soon I have to start cooking again.  I know my kids are tired of freezer meals.  I've been avoiding the kitchen since it's the smell of food I like that seems to trigger my whiny vents. 

This week I had lost .4, .4, .2, gained 1.4, lost it, now I guess I'm stalling.  Hopefully it doesn't last long because I like those 1 lb a day drops.  I have lost in my face, waist, lower butt area, and lower arms.  My bottoms are fitting looser but I'm still in the same size.  My goal is to lose 10 more lbs by the end of the month.  Wish me luck!

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Week 1 Post-Op & Mexican Chicken Broth recipe

I had water, gatorade, jello and Mexican Chicken Broth.  What is Mexican Chicken Broth?  It is a tasty broth I tried to copy from some I tried in Mexico.

Saute 1 lb diced chicken breast & some diced onion with cumin and garlic powder in a little olive oil in a medium pot.  Add 2 containers low sodium chicken broth and bring to boil.  Cut to low, add 1 pkg taco/mexican dry rice, and put lid on.  Cook for 8-10 minutes until rice is done.  Add handful cilantro.  Done!  I sipped 3 oz of the broth at a time for 3 days and served hubby and mama Mexican Chicken & Rice. 

I haven't started exercising yet.  I worked Thursday and Friday at my desk job.  Saturday I went to yard sales and the farmers market (where I sampled some delicious goat cheese).  I came home and weeded my garden and staked all my plants.  I felt a little dizzy afterwards but I was bending over, standing up, bending over, well you get the idea. 

I'm having a really hard time drinking enough liquids.  I just get bloated full at 3 oz.  I was told yesterday I could start full liquids.  My daughter made me a 3oz protein shake with skim milk and 1/2 scoop of Unjury chocolate powder.  I had to lay down on my side 10 minutes for the pain to go away.  I drank 1/2 a can of V8 juice this morning and had no issues.  Hubby is gone to Wally World to get me some pudding, greek yogurt, and instant mashed potatoes, so we shall see how I handle those.

Friday, June 1, 2012

Last two days in TJ

I can't get onto VST to paste my first two posts so starting in the middle...

On to Monday (recovery day 3).  I stayed in the room most of the day resting and watching HBO.  Omar picked me up and I visited 2 patients in the hospital, Janett and Sandra and gossiped for a while. I have head hunger BAD so a lot of time was discussing months of menus.  I REALLY want an omelet with goat cheese and some buffalo chicken dip, maybe together.  It changes day to day.

   Omar took me to get a mani/pedi.  Dr. Kelly said he usually pays for patients pedis, and Omar paid for my nails.  He is a brave soul to hang out in a nail shop/salon with all women and even got his hair cut.  We went back to the hospital and one patient needed a fan so Omar and I went to the store and he bought a fan.  We assembled it (I did put in 4 screws...) .  I got back to hotel around 9pm.  Sweet stuff is tasting weird to me and I didn't like the hotel broth, very plain.  I tipped $1 for room service to bring me a big tub of ice for my drinks.  I felt 100% safe while in Tj.  I didn't leave the hotel without Omar or Cecy.  At the hotel you have to have a room key to press a floor in the elevator and your room has 3 locks.

On Tuesday, Omar picked me up and we visited the hospital.  I got to see a picture of my stomach.  It looked pink, bloated, and gross with some fat stuck to it.  Asta la vista belly!  I went with Dr. Kelly, Omar, and Dr. Kelly's son to a nice Chinese restaurant.  The broth was delicious though I could only drink 4 sips of beverage and maybe 3/4 inch of a teacup of broth before I felt that full feeling.  This pic is when I was finished eating.

We drove around Tijuana and I was shown different areas- industrial, residential, downtown.  I got some good photos of the crew.  I told my mom I had a "bodyguard" in Tj to make her feel better, so of course I had to have Omar pose as one.  It works, right?

 This is a great pic of the inside garden area of Florence Hospital.  It is a very nice hospital.

We went back to the hospital and Cecy met us and took me across the border.  She gave me a mango popsicle by Nestle (Frizz?).  I ate most of it, sooo good.  I traveled with a license and certified birth certificate- no passport cause I was born in the USA, I was born in the USA (what, no one else heard this song in there head??).  We crossed the border in 59 minutes with only a small lecture.  I was told a passcard is around $50 or an enhanced license is available in some states for border crossing only.  Back in the USA.