Monday, June 3, 2013

One year surgerversary

I haven't posted in awhile but May 25th was my one year surgerversary of having VGS surgery.  I've lost 145 lbs so far, bouncing between 164-165 this week.  My next goal is 155 lbs which is losing half my body weight.  I think my final goal will be 138.  I read it somewhere that it's the ideal weight for someone with my body frame, which is small.  I thought I was big boned, nope!  I can wrap my fingers around my wrist with an inch to spare.

So, now to the good stuff.  Starting size~ 3X tops, 24/26 bottoms, size 10 undies, size 10 shoe, size 44DDD bra.  Current size~ Large tops, 10/12 bottoms, medium dresses, size 9 to 9.5 shoe, size 36D to DD bra.  I love wearing dresses as long as I have under armour or bike shorts underneath.  I look pretty damn good in them and they cover everything. up.  I'm posting pics of me in a dress, in a swimsuit, then the front and side view of my stomach that I cover up.  My arms are a little visible in the pics, I need to get a good thigh pic though, ugh!  I've almost quit losing my hair and my cousin does a great job of making it look like I have fullness when she says I've lost about half of it.  I can EASILY eat 4 oz, egg, chicken, and steak are the most dense and make me feel full.  Breads are my sliders.  My goal is 800 to 1200 calories a day, though I lose best at 800. 

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

The belly

Well folks, here it is.  My belly.  It looks pretty normal under clothes, tucked and stuffed into jeans.  But, this is why I bitch about it daily and want a tummy tuck soooo bad. 
 I like the high waisted jeans I can pull over my belly button then tuck the top.
I call this picture "Freddy Krueger attacked an old lady".  See the vertical butt crack looking thing above my belly button?  That is my appendix scar from 3 years ago.  The other cuts are from my gall bladder and VSG surgery.  The stretch marks were graciously provided by my two kids, gaining weight, and losing.  Above the belly button is all wrinkly loose skin.  Below is still fat.

I go for a local plastic surgery consultation  for $50 in 2 1/2 weeks though my mind is basically made up to get the works done in Mexico early next year.  It's just more cost effective to have it done there.  I'm weighing all my pros and cons.  Anyways, this is the body of a 185 pounder who has lost 125 lbs. 

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Happy New Year!

As of this morning I was 188.6 lbs, which is 121.4 down from beginning of May and 96.4 lbs down from surgery.  I've changed my final goal to 155 lbs which would be losing half of my body weight.  I have 33.6 lbs to this goal.  Crossing my fingers for meeting goal by spring time.