Monday, June 3, 2013

One year surgerversary

I haven't posted in awhile but May 25th was my one year surgerversary of having VGS surgery.  I've lost 145 lbs so far, bouncing between 164-165 this week.  My next goal is 155 lbs which is losing half my body weight.  I think my final goal will be 138.  I read it somewhere that it's the ideal weight for someone with my body frame, which is small.  I thought I was big boned, nope!  I can wrap my fingers around my wrist with an inch to spare.

So, now to the good stuff.  Starting size~ 3X tops, 24/26 bottoms, size 10 undies, size 10 shoe, size 44DDD bra.  Current size~ Large tops, 10/12 bottoms, medium dresses, size 9 to 9.5 shoe, size 36D to DD bra.  I love wearing dresses as long as I have under armour or bike shorts underneath.  I look pretty damn good in them and they cover everything. up.  I'm posting pics of me in a dress, in a swimsuit, then the front and side view of my stomach that I cover up.  My arms are a little visible in the pics, I need to get a good thigh pic though, ugh!  I've almost quit losing my hair and my cousin does a great job of making it look like I have fullness when she says I've lost about half of it.  I can EASILY eat 4 oz, egg, chicken, and steak are the most dense and make me feel full.  Breads are my sliders.  My goal is 800 to 1200 calories a day, though I lose best at 800.