Thursday, December 20, 2012

My Almost 7 Month Update

I have lost 117 lbs and am wearing size 16 jeans and XL tops.  I can fit into 14s but I'm melted and poured right now.  My shoe size is now a 9.5.  On a daily basis, I mostly eat protein foods and can count on my fingers in 8 months how often I've had bread or flour based products.  I drink orange juice or skim milk daily.  The only sweets have once in a while is dark chocolate with a spoon of peanut butter. 

I have a lot of excess skin now on my stomach but it to be expected with 6 tummy surgeries and a lot of fat gone, hopefully 2014 will be my big plastic surgery year.  You are supposed to wait 6 months after your goal weight to get plastics done but it will be about 12K so I have to pay off my VSG surgery first.  My original goal weight was 170 but being at 193 I'm not happy with my upper arm, thigh, or stomach size so I have reset my 2nd goal weight to 155 lbs.  That will be half of my original size. 

Here are some updated pics.  First was taken in October and second was early December.