Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Getting Sleeved in Mexico

After 4 years of thinking about getting sleeved in Mexico, I'm going for it.  I could have been normal by now.  My debt to income ratio is low enough to get a personal loan.  By reading on a message board, I found out about lendingclub.com .  I applied Friday and 5 days in I'm funded 46.67%.  My ID is Member_1512427 in case you decide to go that route.  I applied for $6000 and at a B4 credit rating, my interest is 13.11% for a 36 month loan.  The payments will be $202.xx the price of a used car.   It is peer to peer lending and individual investors contribute to the loan.  So far I have 56 investors!  I checked it out online and it appears to be totally legit.  I will be booking the doctor I choose as soon as my loan is deposited into my bank.

Airfare is $528 with US Airways nonstop from Charlotte to San Diego and back.  The shorter transit time the better so I'm considering this a fixed cost.  I've been in a plane 4 times for work and the flights have lasted a little over an hour.  I have a secret...shhh...lean in...I'm afraid to pee in a plane bathroom.  I don't want to get stuck.  The look so tiny on tv.  I guess with a 4 1/2 hour ride I will find out!

I have narrowed down my choice in doctors to 3- Almanza, Kelly, and Ponce De Leon-all in Tijuana.  90% of the people I've told are against me going to Mexico.  I don't think I'll be caught up in a drug war, get kidnapped, or any other horrible thing that no one I know has personally experienced.  I've been reading various message boards, ObesityHelp and VerticalSleeveTalk to read every review of my favorite doctor choices.  Kelly is my top choice.  He has tons of glowing reviews online, it sounds like he is very personable and  he doesn't do drains which hurt coming out-bonus.  My BMI is over 49% so I would be charged $500 additional for a total of $6,000 all inclusive except airfare.  Ponce De Leon has a great coordinator, Trish, and has positive reviews as well.  His cost is $5500 all inclusive except airfare and I can get a video of my surgery if done at INT.  Almanza seems to have the love 'em or hate 'em reviews online but has done the highest number of surgeries and is the lowest cost at $4999 plus airfare, 1 night in San Diego hotel, $20 x-ray, and 2 nights at a hotel if I don't want to stay at the recovery house.  It totals just under $5300.  Decisions, decisions.

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