Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Doctor, Doctor Gimme the News

I'm so excited!  Dr. Kelly called me yesterday and waived the $500 fee for my BMI (50.6 vs 49).  He was very nice and answered all my questions and thoroughly went over my medical history.  Omar, his assistant, scheduled my surgery without a deposit since my loan isn't funded yet.  Prior to my surgery, I will get a cashier's check and scan it to Omar before bringing it with me.  I booked my flight immediately after and there is no looking back.  I was able to get a roundtrip non-stop flight to San Diego for $528.  I'll be flying in May 25th and having my surgery the same day.  I will be in the Florence Hospital Friday and Saturday night and the Hotel Lucerna Monday night and catch a flight back late Tuesday evening.  The price is all inclusive except for the flight, so my total out of pocket is $6,028.  Yesterday afternoon started my 2 week diet.  I bought skim milk, 100% juice, oatmeal, grits, lots of applesauce flavors, chicken broth, V8 soups, sugar free pudding, sugar free jello, and Activa yogurt.   My loan was 60% funded this morning and I'm finishing up my post to go make me some oatmeal.  Ready for the tummy growling to go away.

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