Monday, June 25, 2012

Happy One Month Surgerversary to Me!

Well, today is my one month surgerversary.  I've lost 40.8 lbs total and 15.8 lbs since surgery.  I'm still yo-yo stalling for over a week now.  I lost .8 Saturday, gained .4 yesterday.  I'm been in a blah blah mood because I've been eating right, but I know it's the dreaded stall, and I can now fit back in a size 22 bottoms.  I have the sleeve of steel and can handle eating up to 4 oz of anything but those yucky protein drinks.  I made zucchini lasagna last night with tons of protein goodness.  I also went swimming for the first time since surgery Saturday for four hours.  The water felt awesome!  My stomach was like a little buoy floating in the water. 

So, where have I lost it?  My face, my lower arms, my lower butt, and my stomach.  Check out my pics to see a 2 month difference.
                                            Face shot~April 2012~ highest weight 310lbs
                                                    May 25, 2012~ 285lbs~ surgery date
                                              June 25, 2012~ 269.2 ~ 1 month post-op (same shirt)

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  1. Awesome achievement from what I hear you will encounter stall but stay strong and steady and you will blow through them. You are doing fabulous. You are inspiring!