Thursday, July 12, 2012

50 Pounds Down & Fat Back

I've lost  an even 50 lbs this morning!  The scale has came so close.  261.2, 261.6, 261.2,'s such a tease.  50 lbs is 10 bags of sugar.  When you think about it, imagine strapping 10 bags of sugar and carrying it all day.  That would be a bitch.  I have 90 lbs to go to goal, so it's like I'm lugging 18 more bags of sugar around until then.  Ekkkk!!! 

Now that I've lost 50 lbs, size 22s fit comfortably or baggy, depending on the brand.  Today I am wearing Merona jeans from Tarjay that I couldn't squeeze my ass in last year.  I hope to find some 20s at the thrift or a yard sale to get ready for the next size down.  I have no loose skin yet (bonus!) but I do notice I have back fat.  It's on each side and I can pitch a whole handful with some to spare.   Under my arms I look like I have bat wings too.  Dun dun dun dun dun dun dun Bat Girl!  I know I need to lift weights for my arms but how in the world do you exercise back fat? 

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