Friday, June 1, 2012

Last two days in TJ

I can't get onto VST to paste my first two posts so starting in the middle...

On to Monday (recovery day 3).  I stayed in the room most of the day resting and watching HBO.  Omar picked me up and I visited 2 patients in the hospital, Janett and Sandra and gossiped for a while. I have head hunger BAD so a lot of time was discussing months of menus.  I REALLY want an omelet with goat cheese and some buffalo chicken dip, maybe together.  It changes day to day.

   Omar took me to get a mani/pedi.  Dr. Kelly said he usually pays for patients pedis, and Omar paid for my nails.  He is a brave soul to hang out in a nail shop/salon with all women and even got his hair cut.  We went back to the hospital and one patient needed a fan so Omar and I went to the store and he bought a fan.  We assembled it (I did put in 4 screws...) .  I got back to hotel around 9pm.  Sweet stuff is tasting weird to me and I didn't like the hotel broth, very plain.  I tipped $1 for room service to bring me a big tub of ice for my drinks.  I felt 100% safe while in Tj.  I didn't leave the hotel without Omar or Cecy.  At the hotel you have to have a room key to press a floor in the elevator and your room has 3 locks.

On Tuesday, Omar picked me up and we visited the hospital.  I got to see a picture of my stomach.  It looked pink, bloated, and gross with some fat stuck to it.  Asta la vista belly!  I went with Dr. Kelly, Omar, and Dr. Kelly's son to a nice Chinese restaurant.  The broth was delicious though I could only drink 4 sips of beverage and maybe 3/4 inch of a teacup of broth before I felt that full feeling.  This pic is when I was finished eating.

We drove around Tijuana and I was shown different areas- industrial, residential, downtown.  I got some good photos of the crew.  I told my mom I had a "bodyguard" in Tj to make her feel better, so of course I had to have Omar pose as one.  It works, right?

 This is a great pic of the inside garden area of Florence Hospital.  It is a very nice hospital.

We went back to the hospital and Cecy met us and took me across the border.  She gave me a mango popsicle by Nestle (Frizz?).  I ate most of it, sooo good.  I traveled with a license and certified birth certificate- no passport cause I was born in the USA, I was born in the USA (what, no one else heard this song in there head??).  We crossed the border in 59 minutes with only a small lecture.  I was told a passcard is around $50 or an enhanced license is available in some states for border crossing only.  Back in the USA.

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