Sunday, June 3, 2012

Week 1 Post-Op & Mexican Chicken Broth recipe

I had water, gatorade, jello and Mexican Chicken Broth.  What is Mexican Chicken Broth?  It is a tasty broth I tried to copy from some I tried in Mexico.

Saute 1 lb diced chicken breast & some diced onion with cumin and garlic powder in a little olive oil in a medium pot.  Add 2 containers low sodium chicken broth and bring to boil.  Cut to low, add 1 pkg taco/mexican dry rice, and put lid on.  Cook for 8-10 minutes until rice is done.  Add handful cilantro.  Done!  I sipped 3 oz of the broth at a time for 3 days and served hubby and mama Mexican Chicken & Rice. 

I haven't started exercising yet.  I worked Thursday and Friday at my desk job.  Saturday I went to yard sales and the farmers market (where I sampled some delicious goat cheese).  I came home and weeded my garden and staked all my plants.  I felt a little dizzy afterwards but I was bending over, standing up, bending over, well you get the idea. 

I'm having a really hard time drinking enough liquids.  I just get bloated full at 3 oz.  I was told yesterday I could start full liquids.  My daughter made me a 3oz protein shake with skim milk and 1/2 scoop of Unjury chocolate powder.  I had to lay down on my side 10 minutes for the pain to go away.  I drank 1/2 a can of V8 juice this morning and had no issues.  Hubby is gone to Wally World to get me some pudding, greek yogurt, and instant mashed potatoes, so we shall see how I handle those.

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