Wednesday, August 29, 2012

3 Month Update

So, Saturday made 3 months since I had my sleeve.  I've lost 76.8 lbs total and 51.8 lbs post-op.   So far, chicken is my best restriction food.  I feel fuller eating it than anything else so I try to eat it frequently.   An average day in my belly is a fried egg (no oil/butter) for breakfast, a protein bar or jerky for lunch, and some grilled chicken and a couple bites of veggies for supper. I usually have milk at night to up my protein uptake.  I still struggle to try and drink 64 oz of water daily. 

Exercise wise, I've upped the anty.  Two days ago I took a pole dancing class and will continue with weekly or bi-weekly lessons.  My arms most def got a workout, I can still feel it 2 days later.  I got a 5 & 10 lb weight from Wally World to try to start strengthening my arms.  They are way too flabby.  I also have an exercise ball to working out with.  I have began to walk 5 miles, but need to get into the routine daily. 

Hair.  What to say.  I shed more than my cats.  It's crazy.  I can run my fingers through my hair and have enough to make a little hair doll, so gross.  Little blonde hairs follow me everywhere.  I bought some Nioxin shampoo from a salon for $24 and some biotin, so hoping it works before I go bald, lol. 

I am in a solid size 20, down from a tight 24/26.  They are getting roomy in my hips so I'm ready to drop down to an 18.  I have a whole wardrobe of 16/18s which was generously provided by my stylish cousin.  Below is my comparison pics- tiny but you can see a huge difference (pun intended).

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