Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Stalling & Greek Yogurt

Friday was my 14 week surgerversary.  We went to the rodeo and cosmic bowling with my sister and her boyfriend.  I had 2 mixed drinks and 6 pickle chips, all in moderation right?  I gained 2.2 lbs.  Those pounds stuck to me Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, and now Wednesday.  A freaking gain then a 5 day stall.  I'm losing more in my waist and thighs, wishing the loss would start in my upper arms and belly.   My boobs are also deflating, same cup size, but def in need of plastic surgery with my tummy.  I'm still in a size 20 though I have a closet of 18s just waiting on my stall to break.

Today I had Fage greek yogurt with strawberries for breakfast, Fage greek yogurt with sugar free cinnamon apples for snack, and 4 oz of monterey chicken with 2 bites of refried beans and salsa for lunch.  Supper will be...more greek yogurt.  I've read about the 2 day greek yogurt diet to break a stall so I'm trying it out.  It's 4 oz of yogurt every 3 hours, like 5 servings per day with up to 2 cups of fruit and plenty of water, that's all.   I had a preplanned lunch meeting at one of my favorite restaurants so I modified it.  Anyways, here are two doctored up greek yogurt recipes if you want to try them.  I don't like greek yogurt, but I'd choose the apple cinnamon one as having more flavor. 

Strawberry Berry Yogurt
3 oz Fage 0% greek yogurt
2 sliced strawberries
1 tsp sugar free berry jam
splash Torani sugar free vanilla- to taste
Mix well

Apple Cinnamon Yogurt 
3 oz Fage 0% greek yogurt
tsp cinnamon
splash Torani sugar free vanilla- to taste
Mix well and top with apple mix to the top of your 4 oz container
(Apple Mix- diced apples, sugar free pancake syrup, cinnamon, dash of vanilla- mix & cook on medium until apples tender- refrigerate)

Me and my sister at the rodeo

Cosmic bowling- rosy red cheeks equals yummy drinks!
Labor Day cookout at mamas~check out the healthy grub.  So good!  I didn't lose eating this either, crazy!

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