Sunday, July 29, 2012

60 pounds!

I finally finally FINALLY hit 60 pounds down.  This is the next day at work at 60.6 lbs.  My 22's are literally falling off my hips so I tried to find some 20's at the store today.  Walmart had no 20's capris.  I went to the thrift before work and found this Apt9 khaki capri's new with tags for $5!  They are very snug in the tummy area but fit fine everywhere else.  I was maybe 12-13 years ago since I fit in a size 18 so I'm wearing them ALL day today.  I have a few 18's in my closet but they are still too tight.  I am also wearing a new Wally World size 20 tee that fits great, down from a 3x or 26/28.  My hips and belly seem to be the slowest to SHRINK already.  Now back to your regularly scheduled programming :).

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