Monday, October 1, 2012

4 month surgerversary updates

It's been awhile since my last updates.  I'm still having hair loss, but less than I was.  I am currently wearing a pair of Catos size 16 jeans.  I've thought about either wearing my jeans inside out so everyone can see my tag or announcing it randomly to strangers.  My new favorite snack recipe is eggface protein truffles with Click mocha protein, very brownieish tasting.  I have also had 1 spoon of dark chocolate chips with 8 oz skim milk as a snack and 3/4 a coffee cup of grapes, both of which have no protein but satisfy my evil sweet tooth.  I take pole dance class once a week and zumba class three times a week.  On zumba gym days I also bike 1 to 3 miles or do a little arm strength training if I get to the gym early enough.

 Here are my monthly losses.  I've really slowed down in September but I went from a 20 to a 16 so not all terrible.  I've had more stalls and more slower loss.  
 May 27.6 (inc pre-op), June 17.4lbs, July 15.2lbs, August 17.2lbs, Sept 9.2 lbs

Updated pics of me yesterday in an XL shirt and 16W jeans:


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